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Shava sadhana is part of the Vamachara heterodox, Left-hand path practice of worship, which is followed by the esoteric Tantra. Shava sadhana is regarded as one of Tantra's most important, most difficult and most secret rituals. Tantric texts as well as oral tales detail the process of the ritual and also tell its importance.

The purpose of practicing the ritual range from knowledge, propitiating a deity, material motives, even dark objectives to gaining control over the spirit of the deceased. There are strict rules that need to be followed in the ritual, even in selection of a suitable corpse for the ceremony.

The following Tantric texts detail the ritual process: Kaulavali-nirnaya, Shyamarahasya, Tara-bhakti-sudharnava, Purasharcharyarnava, Nilatantra, Kulachudamani and Krishnananda's Tantrasara. An oral tale about the shava sadhana is told by the Tantrikas of Bengal.

A voice told him about the ritual and that he will gain moksha in his next life when he will be reborn as his own grandson Sarvananda. Vasudeva gave his servant Purvananda an engraved copper plate with a mantra. Purvananda, now an old man, now served Sarvananda, who he passed the secret of shava sadhana ritual, told by his former master.

Purvananda volunteered to be used as the corpse for shava sadhana and Sarvananda performed the ritual, where ghosts tormented him; storms tried to interrupt his practice; beautiful dancers tempted him, until the Goddess gave him a vision. She blessed him with vak siddhithe ability to make something happen by just saying it. She also revived the servant. Sarvananda became a siddha and the first tantrika to see the theophany of the Goddess' ten mahavidya forms.

The Shakta poet Ramprasad Sen is also told to have performed the ritual and gained the vision of his patron, goddess Kali.

Shaiva Aghoris from Varanasi are also known to practice this ritual. The sadhaka needs to adhere to all rules of the ritual and is warned that violation of the regulations may lead to dire consequences.

The purpose to do shava sadhana varies from person to person. An aim of shava sadhana is to unite the Kundalini with Param Shiva. The detachment leads to freedom from Samsara the cycle of birth, death and reincarnation and the adept goes beyond the orthodox concepts of purity and impurity; auspiciousness and inauspiciousness. The ritual is done using a corpse, considered a highly impure and inauspicious symbol in traditional Hinduism. The ritual is said to erase the fear of death from the practitioner's mind.

It may also be conducted to placate a personal deity. For Aghoris, the purpose is not spiritual, but simply to acquire the skull for rituals or gain power over the soul of the deceased so that he can act as a medium to other spirits or acquire powers to control them. Andre Padoux interprets shava sadhana as black magic which is done to accomplish evil motives.

There are strict rules in the Tantra Shastra regarding the corpse. The corpse should be fresh and undamaged. No part of the body should be missing. There should not be deformity in any part; e. In humans, the most preferred maha-shavagreat corpse are a chandala a child of a Shudra father and a Brahmin mother; an outcaste and the lowest of the mixed castes who died due to drowning, lightning-strike, snake-bite, injury, or was killed by a stick, sword, spear, or other weapon; and a courageous young man who died in battle while fighting his enemy.

Specific animals are also recommended in the text. Bhattacharya suggests that the Tantrika may even murder to get hold of a suitable corpse for shava sadhana.


A young chandala boy may be intoxicated and then killed by the tantrika by deceit. However, Professor McDaniel notes that tantrikas she met in Tarapith disagreed. They believed that the appropriate corpse is chosen by the Goddess herself and murdering someone for the ritual is interfering with the Goddess' work. The girl is believed to become the goddess Kali's vessel and speak in the ritual.Kali is the chief of the ten Mahavidyasa list which combines Sakta and Buddhist goddesses.

Kali's earliest appearance is that of a destroyer of evil forces. Kali is worshipped by Hindus throughout India. Her most well-known appearance on the battlefield is in the sixth century Devi Mahatmyam.

The deity of the first chapter of Devi Mahatmyam is Mahakali, who appears from the body of sleeping Vishnu as goddess Yoga Nidra to wake him up in order to protect Brahma and the World from two demons, Madhu and Kaitabha. When Vishnu woke up he started a war against the two demons. After a long battle with Lord Vishnu when the two demons were undefeated Mahakali took the form of Mahamaya to enchant the two asuras.

When Madhu and Kaitabha were enchanted by Mahakali, Vishnu killed them. In later chapters, the story of two demons who were destroyed by Kali can be found. Chanda and Munda attack the goddess Durga. Durga responds with such anger it causes her face to turn dark, resulting in Kali appearing out of her forehead. Kali's appearance is dark blue, gaunt with sunken eyes, and wearing a tiger skin sari and a garland of human heads.

She immediately defeats the two demons. Later in the same battle, the demon Raktabija is undefeated because of his ability to reproduce himself from every drop of his blood that reaches the ground. Countless Raktabija clones appear on the battlefield. Kali eventually defeats him by sucking his blood before it can reach the ground, and eating the numerous clones. Kinsley writes that Kali represents "Durga's personified wrath, her embodied fury". Other origin stories involve Parvati and Shiva.

Parvati is typically portrayed as a benign and friendly goddess. The Linga Purana describes Shiva asking Parvati to defeat the demon Daruka, who received a boon that would only allow a female to kill him.

what is kali sadhana

Parvati merges with Shiva's body, reappearing as Kali to defeat Daruka and his armies. Her bloodlust gets out of control, only calming when Shiva intervenes. The Vamana Purana has a different version of Kali's relationship with Parvati.

When Shiva addresses Parvati as Kali, "the dark blue one," she is greatly offended. Parvati performs austerities to lose her dark complexion and becomes Gauri, the golden one. Her dark sheath becomes Kausikiwho while enraged, creates Kali. In relation to Shiva, she [Kali] appears to play the opposite role from that of Parvati.Kali is the mother of time.

But the mother of time is beyond time. Time is born out of it, but the womb out of which time is born is eternity. Eternity is the mother of time. Time is just a reflection of the eternal. The Bauls worship Kali, the mother of time; they worship eternity. They seek and search eternity — not that which changes but that which remains always and always, that which is beyond all flux, absolutely permanent, unmoving. They seek that hub of the existence.

Symbolically it is called Kali. The same word means time and death. It is beautiful, because time is death. The moment you enter into time, you are ready to die. With birth, death has entered into you. When the child is born, he has entered into the realm of death.

Shava sadhana

The birthday is also the death day. Now only one thing is certain: that he will have to die. Everything else is just uncertain; it may happen, it may not happen.

what is kali sadhana

But the moment a child is born, the moment the child has taken his first breath, one thing is absolutely certain — that he will die. Entering into life is entering into death; entering into time is entering into death. It means both time and death. And Kali means beyond time and beyond death. Eternity is deathlessness. How to find eternity?

What is the way? One has to understand the process of time. Kali is a symbol of now, of the eternal, of the absolutely real. To live moment to moment and not to bother about past and future is the way towards the novel man. Excerpts from Osho Book The Beloved. Mother Kali. She is both life and death, the giver and taker. A beautiful black woman, black like death; a beautiful woman, but very dangerous — so dangerous that she is dancing on the body of her own husband, almost killing him.

Shiva is lying there and she is dancing on his body almost crushing him. And she wears a garland of skulls, and in one of her hands she has a cut head, freshly cut with blood dripping from it.Maha Kali brings us fearlessness and strength to slay the inner demons created by our mind. We are often trapped by the patterns, stories, and attachments we create. Mother Divine as Maha Durga descends in the form of Kali, the great warrior Goddess, to serve us in freeing ourselves from our own illusions.

Practice this meditation every day, with the recording, from March 18 to Alternatively, you may use the following Maha Kali sadhana outline:. When you worship Kali Mata, she grants enlightenment.

Maa Kali Sadhana

Kali Mata and Shiva both are strong about enlightenment, cleansing karma, activating Kundalini. Worship one or both if you wish to be enlightened. Shiva will clean your karma, Kali Mata will take care of your mind. Each skull around her neck represents a thought, and she eats it, garlands herself with it.

She dances on that aspect of the human that is the ego, the personality. The heart of Kali Mata is nectar, sweetness, tenderness, softness. She is so devoted to her disciple, serving with firmness; how we become centered in body, in heart, in mind, which are shifting.

Chant to Kali, healing happens fast when you open your chest, body. Openness — key to openness is within us. Reflect on the following questions for the next three days, using a journal to record your thoughts. Categories All Entries.Baglamukhi Pitambara secret mantras by Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji. Bagalamukhi Beej Mantra Sadhana Vidhi. Baglamukhi Pratyangira Kavach. Durga Shabar Mantra. Orignal Baglamukhi Chalisa from pitambara peeth datia. Baglamukhi kavach in Hindi and English.

Baglamukhi Yantra Puja. Mahashodha Nyasa from Baglamukhi Rahasyam Pitambara peeth datia. Mahavidya Baglamukhi Sadhana aur Siddhi. Baglamukhi Bhakt Mandaar Mantra. Baglamukhi Sahasranamam. Dusmahavidya Mahakali Sadhana. Shri Balasundari Triyakshari Mantra Sadhana. Sri Vidya Sadhana. Download sarva karya siddhi hanuman mantra in hindi. Is tarah ke mantron ka upyog kya sahi hai,kisi vyakti ko is tarah mrityu ke gal mein samana kya sahi hai,mujhe lagta hai ki kaliyug mein in cheejon ka galat istemaal kiya jaa raha hai,isse duston ki shankya mein vridhhi ho rahi hai aur kamjor sataye jaaa rahe hain.

Kamjor sirf vo h Jo Hindu dharma keep secrets ko ni jaanta……. Hidu dharm sach much ek bisal darshan hai phir bhi log hindu dharm tyag karke christian ban rahen hai kuon ki hamare sadhu abam mahatma kuch gudh tatwa ko chupakar logon tak gupta rakha.

Agar yeh silsla chalta raha to hamare sanskriti itihas bankar rehe jaiga. Gurudev ka margdarshan ati awashyak hai kisi bhi sadhna ke liye. Mai maha kaali ki bhagat hu mujhe bt mujhe itna kuch nhi ptaa hai. Puja ke waqt jb mai bethti hu. Maha kaali ki puja ke tym hi mera muh kulta hai mtlb ubaasi aati hai bht jyada muh kulta hai aur puja ke baad m khadi nhi reh pati bht thak jaati hu m yh janna chahti hu iska kya mtlb h. Maa kaali ka main bhakt hu main un ki kiss tareh se pooja karu ki un ka ashirwad sada mujh pr rahe plz tell me.If you are well versed and have knowledge of the Kundalini Tantra, know what you are seeking, then there should be no problem for you, People, just chanting the Mantra, for the heck of it, will face mental problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not expect answers for obvious or personal questions. Kali Mantra Sadhana to open the Crown Chakra. By Neel N April 12, This is a Kali Mantra which in my opinion is suitable only for the highly developed Sadhaks or the advanced practitioners of Tantra engaged in Kali Sadhana.

On a higher plane this is a Mantra which has the Kali Tattva; sought by Tantriks to seek enlightenment. For those seeking to raise the Kundalini Shakti; Kali Mata the fearsome manifestation of the Mother Goddess is present in a dormant state in every body; in the Muladhara Chakra. The sheer concentration and single mindedness of the Sadhak enables this Kundalini Shakti to pierce all the other Chakras and enter and open the Crown Chakra.

Maha kali Mantra – The Fiercely Protection

I must mention here that I am of the opinion that every individual has his or her individual triggers; which activate the dormant Kundalini Shakti present in the Muldhara Chakra.

Mantras also act as that trigger, the unique vibrations of the Mantra activate dormant the Kundalini. For the worshippers of Kali Mata, engaged in Kali Sadhana seeking enlightenment; this Mantra could very well be that trigger. Kali Mantra However as I have said before only the evolved and developed Sadhaks who know and understand what they are doing should practice such Shakti Mantras.

The person who is not ready could very well loose his mental balance. Labels Kundalini Mantras Shakti Mantras. Labels: Kundalini Mantras Shakti Mantras. Neel N is the founder of Prophet Neel N September 17, at PM. Unknown October 29, at AM. Unknown January 17, at PM. Vishwanath November 21, at PM.Mahakali aradhana or worship - Sadhana for realization. Wednesday, March 6, One who devote his mind and soul with pure heart, do Mahakali worshiping within prescribed road of performing puja then Maa Mahakali will adore you, bless you, put fortunes of put before you and will make your way clear, smooth and charmingly fortuned.

what is kali sadhana

This puja is for them who are been troubled enough by enemies, not getting enough power to perform a big project, troubled by misfortunes of planets and so many to describe. The answer is here that through mahakali sadhana one can realize and see how their enemies get defeated and surrender.

Fangzhou mu (fmu)

This sadhana and worshiping of Mahakali is done mysteriously and secretly which can make the devotee untouchable owner of godly power. Before Mahakali sadhana one should understand its importance, inherent power, functions and guidelines then he can overcome from pain, planetary instabilities, problems and financial depreciation. The devotee should be very dedicated while performing this puja and should not be afraid while performing this puja.

Mahakali destroyed the evil spirited Madhukaitav demon and brings end to many demons on the earth by taking the role of Chamunda wearing many demon heads scull. Mahakali stotra or mantra is chanted only in the darkest night of Amabasya. If you hear the gigantic and fearsome laugh outside then you should not panic but patiently finish the jaap or chanting of mantra under the foots of Mahakali. The mantra or sloka is described as follows.

Many things get solved by chanting the above mantra.

what is kali sadhana

Following things can be achieved by the sadhana of mahakali. This part can bring full power of youthfulness and beauty as Rusi munies or ancient priests have exercised, this has been written and guided. First of all collect all the ingredients needed for the puja. Put the mahakali photo on a wooden stool. Rap the mahakali photo from all sides with red colour cloth. Worn the kali hakik mala on Mahakali photo. Draw the mahakali yantra by red color sindur on a cupper plate Do puja by pancha Prasad.

After that take the hakik mala from the photo of mahakali and put this on mahakali yantra drawn on the cupper plate.

Put the cupper plate on a red cloth. Wear and put a beads pure rudraksha mala in the neck. Then chant mahakali mantra described above by kali sidhi spatik mala for times. After the worship of mahakali yantra chant mahakali mantra for 11 malas i.

Do remember to put two ladoos bhog for puja in front of yantra from which one need to be thrown outside after samarpan of bhog and the other ladoo need to be taken by you. By doing this puja and sadhana devotee achieves financial strength,recovery from pain and suffering, and for most beauty. Do this prayoga for six days from Amabasya. After completion of all puja and sadhana throw the puja items in the flowing water in a river.

Leave your comment. Ritesh Sharma.

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Plz tell if malas hakik and sfatik is also to be put in water along with puja items or not??? Also spatik and hakik mala are two which will be used in pooja.

Meenakshi Dakshineshwar. Can you please post a sanskrit version of this mantra please, not able to figure out the mantra in english.